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Our innovative test stand WDHP 5

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We are engineering a new top-quality product: the hydraulic test stand WDHP 5. This test stand, with uniquely sophisticated equipment – by comparison to European standards – and integrated electronics, enables us to test pumps and motors with electronic servo adjustment.

After a manually operated test cycle, the system shifts to an automatically operated test cycle. An SPS-control with a data acquisition system – programmed individually for each test item – takes over the test procedure. The data acquisition system compares actual and nominal values of the individual parameters, such as pressure, mass, temperature, turning moment and rotation speed. In case of non-natural values the test procedure is interrupted immediately under the SPS-control.
A camera monitors the test procedure, so that the examiner can observe the testing from outside the hazard area. After the test procedure the data acquisition system immediately prints a real-time certificate according to DIN ISO 9000.

All switching and control operations are carried out by proportional valves, each equipped with a chopper amplifier. The chopping frequency is about 300 Hz.

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von rechts Test run with a A4VG90-doublepump with closed circuit 180 cm³ for dieseldriven monorail suspension track transportsystems

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