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What our workshop can do for you:

Our workshop is equipped according to the requirements of modern standards. In addition to sundry assembling constructions and measuring instruments, the workshop has a scallop-height test apparatus, diverse cleaning equipment, such as eco-friendly cold cleaner, ultrasonic bath and thermal instruments to prevent damage in bearing and housing parts during assembly.

sand blasting equipment

Outside the testing and mounting area is the equipment for mechanical processing, such as grinding machine, turning centre, welding apparatus and blast cleaning machine.

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You can reach us this way:

phone: +49 208 43923002 und +49 208 43923006
fax: +49 208 43923009
email: kontakt@windeg-hydraulik.de


our address:
WinDeg GmbH
Neckarstraße 12-16
45478 Mülheim

How to find us:

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